shield o placas de expansion para arduino.

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CNC shield version 3.0
This expansion board as a driver expansion board, can be used for engraving machines, 3D printers. ..
Ethernet Shield Wiznet W5100
Features:  Brand new and high quality.  With this Ethernet Shield, your Arduino board ca..
joystick shield
The shield sits on top of your for Arduino and turns it into a simple controller. Specifications:..
LCD keypad shield 16x2  fondo azul con botones
1. This is a basic 16 character by 2 line black-on-green display. 2. Utilizes the extremely common ..
Motor shield L293D
L293D is a monolithic integrated, high voltage, high current, 4-channel driver.Basically this means ..
screw shield v1.0
Sensor shield version 5.0
Features: Each functional module has buckled port with VCC, GND and Output, which has correspon..
Shield data logging
No Incluye pila.   SD card interface works with FAT16 or FAT32 formatted cards. 3.3..
SIM808 GPRS/GSM+GPS  Shield is a GSM and GPS two-in-one function module. It is based on the l..
Shield GPS Ublox NEO-6M con antena
The GPS Shield is base on the ublox's NEO-6M receiver module , and the footprints is compatible with..
Shield GSM / GPRS SIM900
 Description   The GPRS Shield is based on SIM900 module from SIMCOM and compatible with..
Shield Host USB
- Support the Google Android ADK. - Provides APK package, and compiled source files ADK Compatible ..
Shield para prototipos V5.0
  Incluye protoboard blanca.   Small soldering area. All Arduino pins are brough..
Shield RAMPS 1.4 para RepRap/impresora 3D
  RAMPS 1.4: RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield 1.4 Fully assembled & tested It..
shield reproductor MP3
This MP3 shield board is designed based on VS1053B from VLSI. using this shiled you can plug in your..
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